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Syncontrol Is Available on These Platforms:

  •  iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  •  Android 
  •  Windows (coming later)

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Empower Your QC Inspectors

using syncontrol quality inspection software

Help your QC Team do more with less

Each inspector works on his tablet and is guided through logical steps from reading the product information and checking quantities, all the way to the closing meeting, and getting the factory's signature.

Here's how SynControl makes quality inspection better:

  • Intuitive: The inspector progresses from one step to the next
  • Fail-safe: All steps that are not yet done are conveniently listed as reminders
  • Flexible: It's possible to jump between different processes and steps at any time
  • Results in real-time: QC managers can view actions at the same time as they're being performed allowing for faster decision-making
syncontrol cloud technology

Keep in touch with cloud technology

SynControl collects data as the inspection progresses, so that a fully illustrated PDF report is ready to be exported right after closing meeting. Forget about double work, reformatting, etc.

  • Specifications, files, and checkpoints are automatically downloaded
  • The inspectors tick boxes, write remarks, and takes photos
  • At the click of a button, a full PDF report is issued by our system
  • Several configurations are available regarding the report's full page
syncontrol editable reports

Editable reports with PDF exporting

The table sends photos, comments, and progress updates all along the inspection. All details of findings can be seen by office staff, faciliating communication and decisions.

  • The tablet takes photos and resizes them immediately for faster transfer
  • Automatic synchronizing through an internet connection (3G or WiFi)
  • Messaging system (between inspector and office) that includes text and files
  • No software to install - all is in the cloud and can be seen on both PC or tablet

All In-One Functionality

built in camera

Built-in Camera functionality

export reports as a pdf

Exports Reports as a PDF

advanced dashboard settings

Advanced Dashboard Settings

online document syncing

Online Document Syncing

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