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SynControl Quality Inspection Software FAQs

Common questions about SynControl's quality inspection software for buying offices answered here.

About our quality inspection software

Is SynControl already in use?
Yes. Our mobile application for inspectors has been used every day since October 2015.

Will SynControl help us cut costs in our QC budget?
Most likely, yes. You can read more about this on

Can SynControl help us automate tasks?
Yes. The biggest time savers are (1) the automatic generation of the report based on the information collected during the inspection, (2) the creation of the inspection jobs on the basis of your existing Excel files or ERP database, and (3) the collection and presentation of useful statistics. In addition, there is an automation module that allows you to configure what needs to take place automatically.

Will SynControl give more office work to our team?
For most buying offices, the response is NO after their account is correctly configured, once they can import data effortlessly, and once users understand the new way of working.

Can the inspector's findings be seen in real time?
Yes, users with certain permission rights can see the inspector's photos, videos, defects, comments, etc. immediately, provided the inspector has access to an internet connection (wifi or 3G/4G).

Can we see statistics about our suppliers' performance?
Yes. You can see detailed statistics about each supplier and each factory. (One of your suppliers might place production in several factories, so these entities are evaluated separately.) 

In your inspection template builder, have you followed a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach? 

No. Here is why.

First, what makes sense for the inspector (check quantity, check packing…) doesn’t always make sense for the report reader. It is often better to show the same information in different orders.
Second, we noticed that our other customers often need several types of reports. It means several types of reports need to be available for 1 inspection. For example:
  • One short report that only shows problems, to send to suppliers
  • One long report with all details, for internal use
So, it is possible to show just the fields your inspectors are used to (on their current report), and they will need no adaptation time…
About the on boarding process

Can we first do a test in a factory, to see if it works for us? Where?
Yes this is available for free and with no engagement for qualified companies. We can run a test using one of your products if you have an inspector available in the Shenzhen area or in the Hangzhou area. The next step is to request a demo if you are interested.

Will you help us as we start using SynControl?
Yes we are focused on ensuring the success of ALL our customers, new or old. We have an structured on-boarding program to ensure they can take maximum advantage of SynControl within weeks. More details are provided here.

hat is included in the onboarding fee?
We help import your base data into the platform (we will need it to be presented in a way that makes the import easy), we work on a simple solution to import your orders quickly (a few seconds) on a regular basis on your side, we train 1 office user and 1 inspector, and we participate in tests in a factory (up to 2 tests for Small, up to 3 tests for Extended, and up to 5 tests for Corporate license).

How long does it take to onboard a buying office on SynControl?
It depends on your current process and the size of your team. In some cases it takes 2 weeks to get the account configured and the key users trained. For larger teams with complex processes, it takes more time but it can be staged. We will provide an estimate for you in your demo session.

Is it a must to buy a certain device to each inspector?
No, but iPad Minis or Samsung Tabs will ensure the best user experience. Many inspectors find the 9''+ tablets a little bulky. And our mobile app works on 5''+ smartphones but the screen is a bit small.

Can we link SynControl to our ERP?
Yes (except if you opt for a Small Business License). The interface with your ERP is a paying option and we can only give you a quotation once we fully understand what information need to be pulled/pushed and what it takes. We will have to rely on your ERP consultants/provider for some of the work. Note that we generally start with a simpler solution to import your base data (suppliers, products...) effortlessly, and then later we can work on an interface.

Can we import and export data into/out of SynControl?
Yes. Our customers generally do this in Excel format, but other formats such as XML are also possible. Note that this might not be included in the on-boarding fee, depending on the scope of work.

Pricing, extra costs, and service

Do we have to pay for each user?
No. The license fee is for your entire company. See details on our pricing page.

Do we have to install software for all users?
For office users, no, a browser and an internet connection is sufficient. For field users (inspectors), yes -- they will need our mobile app to be installed on their tablet or smartphone.

I have clients/customers. Can they have an account?
Yes there are pre-defined permission rights for 'clients' (with a restricted access to see information in the database). They can be given credentials to log in. You can create as many 'clients' as you need.

Do we need to buy special hardware?
For office users, no. For field users (inspectors), yes for best user experience on an Apple iPad or Android tablet.

o you provide a Help Desk with special support if needed?
By default we provide email support and a ticket system, with replies within 8 working hours. And, for field users (inspectors) we can offer support over WeChat, with replies within 4 working hours. If you need a more customized support plan, please ask us for a quotation.

hat about if we cancel our account and stop paying you?
Our standard licenses don’t force you to sign a long-term contract so that’s possible at any time. We don’t refund what you may have paid us up to that point. If you stop paying us totally, we will erase your account and all the files/data contained in your account. If you want us to create a dump of your data in a specific folder where you can collect them, we will charge you a one-time fee. Note that you can downgrade your account to the cheapest license if you absolutely need to keep an access in your account for some time.

hat is included in the on-boarding fee?
We help import your base data into the platform (we assume it is presented in a way that makes the import easy), we work on a simple solution to import your orders on a regular basis quickly (just a few seconds), we train 1 office user and 1 inspector, and we participate in tests in a factory (up to 2 tests for Small, up to 3 tests for Extended, and up to 5 tests for Corporate license).

Other technical questions

Is it fast for users located in mainland China?
Yes, provided those users don't have a particularly slow connection. Users can see the speed to 'ping' the server from their device at any time, as an indication of their connection speed.

Is our data secure?
Yes. We know your data are very valuable to your company, and absolutely must be kept confidential. Our database and files are backed up every day. Data exchanges are SSL encrypted. The server is properly configured and is regularly revised against possible threats. 

How can we be sure you will treat our data confidentially?
Customers sign a confidentiality agreement with SynControl. We take every step to keep your data confidential. Our reputation in the industry, and our company's future, rests on this policy.

Can we manage it on our own server?
We are happy to consider this option. It will be significantly more expensive than the licenses shown on our pricing page, since those licenses are based on a software-as-a-service approach (hosted on our server, with no special sysadmin work, and the same testing and upgrade work for all customers).

What URL will office users go to?
By default, we provide every customer with [your company name] but it can also be accessed on your own domain or sub domain (in that case, the only think you will need to do is point the DNS settings of that domain or sub domain to our servers).

Does SynControl work on Windows Computers? On Mac computers?
Yes, office users can use both Windows and Mac computers. They will work through their browser (latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari).

Can we export some data ourselves?
Yes. If you have the appropriate permission rights (typically, as a manager in your company), you can export certain data by yourself anytime. You can export the list of jobs (including product, order, supplier, inspector, results, etc. types of information).

How long do you keep the data in storage?
We keep the product, order, and supplier information, as well as the reports, for 10 years. That’s what European importers need, so we extend this to all our customers. Note that some other data that are less important may be erased after 3 years.