Consulting for Manufacturers from SynControl

We can help you make full use of our software. The objective is simple: get better results (better quality, less rework, less scrapped material) while cutting your inspection budget. 

You might need support to re-think the quality control steps and procedures in your factory, while keeping things simple. We can suggest ideas for preventive approaches such as mistake-proofing or statistical process control.

Our quality and manufacturing specialists can be booked to visit your factory and offer the following consulting services. Take a look at the options below, and hit the button to contact us and request a quotation.

Operations improvement consultancy

A quality specialist comes to your factory, listens to your issues/objectives, gets information about your systems and processes, puts together a plan, and works with your team to achieve your objectives.

In most factories we visit in China, the production department is not responsible for quality (and there might be a perverse pay scheme that encourage volume without taking quality into account), and a bloated inspection team is tasked with stopping all issues. This is ineffective and costly.

What we see very seldom is preventive measures:

  • Catching issues at their source
  • Training operators and improving their work content
  • Making mistakes impossible (where relevant)
  • Controlling a process to ensure its output is stable

Supplier QC staff training

Are you tired of having to inspect every batch coming from your suppliers? Some of them have the right attitude and can be trusted up to a point, but they are not doing a consistently good job.

There can be several reasons for this, such as:

  • They are not well aware of your quality standard (no defect samples, no training, etc.)
  • They are not following the right inspection procedure
  • They don’t check at the right step(s) of production

A quality specialist gets familiar with your quality standards and QC procedure, goes to the supplier’s facility and observes their work, outlines a list of issues, and draws up a plan of action.

We can then give a training, together with work instructions that they should use for regular re-training as well as training their new staff.

We can come back over time and audit their work – and, if necessary, re-train them.

Audit of quality control operations

Maybe you want to have feedback on the way your factory has organized its quality inspection & testing activities, and the way your production department manages quality.

We can come to your facility and follow our proprietary checklist (as well as observe and listen), Our default checklist covers the following topics:

  • General procedures
  • Document and record control
  • Management of QA/QC staff
  • Production QA/QC
  • Sampling procedures
  • QC in the production department
  • Preventive measures in production
  • Management of suppliers’ quality