Quality Assurance Services from SynControl

SynControl don't only provide world-class quality inspection software...

We go the extra mile to support our clients to improve their QA/QC operations and quality inspection team's effectiveness with these additional quality assurance services

We hope that by using SynControl’s quality inspection software, your quality inspection team gets better results, and your product quality is enhanced. However, software alone can only do so much, and there may be organisational and human elements in your quality inspection process which, when improved, will help you get even better results when using SynControl.

Our QA/QC specialists can also be booked to visit your company and offer the following beneficial quality assurance services. Take a look at the options below, and hit the button to arrange a booking of the service which suits your company’s needs.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Audit of operations

A quality specialist comes to your organization and follows our proprietary checklist that covers the following topics:

  • General procedures
  • Document and record control
  • Management of QA/QC staff
  • Scheduling of QA/QC staff
  • Production QA/QC
  • Sampling procedures
  • Behavior in factories
  • Management of suppliers

Note that we can also run this audit on the QA/QC operation of a trading company, a buying office, or a manufacturer that you work with.

QA/QC operations improvement consultancy

A quality specialist comes to your organization, listens to your issues/objectives, gets information about your systems and processes, puts together a plan, and works with your team to achieve your objectives.

Many quality departments are still organized like 20 years ago, but the needs of the business (cost down, higher speed…) have evolved, as well as technology. Maybe it is time to re-think your processes?

A very common issue is the management of suppliers – that includes the feedback of problems, the follow-up on corrective actions, the performance dashboard, and the requirement for the best suppliers to self-inspect (along with skip-lot QC from the buyer’s side).

Field QC inspector training

Do you feel your team of inspectors doesn’t know the main pitfalls of their job, and how a proper procedure helps avoid those pitfalls?

Maybe your company has hired inexperienced staff, or they already had a QC job but never got good training?

Our training method involves inspection simulations (with dummy products). Shortcuts invariably result in mistakes.

We then have the trainees apply the correct procedure, one step at a time, with no shortcut. They find all the defects.

Once this training is done, a good second step is to go to factories and do real-life inspections with them.

This is usually paired with a training on how to use our mobile app, which can guide them through the right steps.

Supplier QC staff training

As a buyer, are you tired of having to inspect quality from every supplier? Some of them have the right attitude and can be trusted up to a point, but their QA/QC staff are not doing a consistently good job.

There can be several reasons for this, such as:

  • They are not well aware of your quality standard (no defect samples, no training, etc.)
  • They are not following the right inspection procedure
  • They don’t check at the right step(s) of production

A quality specialist gets familiar with your quality standards and QC procedure, goes to the supplier’s facility and observes their work, outlines a list of issues, and draws up a plan of action.

We can then give a training, together with work instructions that they should use for regular re-training as well as training their new staff.

We can come back over time and audit their work – and, if necessary, re-train them.