Quality Inspection

Structured quality inspections.
Real time reporting.

Standardize the quality inspection process

Inspectors officers are guided on their tablets through logical inspection steps, from opening meetings all the way to getting the factory’s signature in the closing meeting. 

Save your team productive hours

SynControl collects data as the inspection progresses, so that a fully illustrated PDF report is ready to be exported right after the closing meeting (or later, if no internet connection). Forget about double work, reformatting, Etc.

Intuitive inspection guide

A step-by-step process for inspectors, which can be configured to your needs. Skipping a step triggers a reminder.

See status, approve and reject

From the office, view actions at the time they’re done, if the tablet is online. In any case, inspection steps & findings can be audited after the facts.

Reduce the number of emails

Specifications, files, and checkpoints are automatically downloaded on the tablet. All is saved and can be searched.

Flexible templates

Decide on the interface inspectors should use. Also, set various types of reports based on your needs. And automations to send them as needed.

It’s time to go paperless and improve QC processes

Use a modern application and get your inspection team on board.

Save time in multiple ways

It’s time to re-think your quality control activities – both product inspections in the field and sample review in the office. Don’t stay stuck in your old ways.

Read our in-depth guide about quality inspection software if you’d like more ideas.

Self-inspection by suppliers

You may request suppliers to self-inspect small orders. Or to check quality early in production, before your team comes. 

Let suppliers schedule jobs

Have suppliers “book” the inspections, then you just need to allocate resources and click a few buttons.

Easy interface with QC firms

Do you give work to some inspection companies? Have them save final reports & key findings directly.

Product Quality & Compliance Software for Importers and Retailers

Make quality inspections effortless for your team.