Product & Supply Chain Compliance Software for Importers

Stay on top of product compliance. Organize and automate, don’t hire.

Manage the growing complexity of compliance regulations, as well as routine QA/QC operations, without growing your team.

Trusted by leading importers and retailers in the EU for product compliance

Importers & retailers choose SynControl for these reasons

Highly configurable

SynControl does not force users to follow a certain workflow.

Easy to use

A compliance officer can learn to use the key functions in under an hour.

Secure data

Files availability, data confidentiality. Adequate info security policies.

Protect your revenue and reputation

Meet regulatory requirements. Make the product DoCs and technical folders available to market surveillance authorities & Customs, in the way they like to see it.

It’s not just about the documents

We guide you in simple risk assessments, so you see issues before going into productions. We help you plan for foreseeable use, abuse, impact to vulnerable users, etc.

A manageable process

Save product information. Request information from the supplier, from the inspection company (or your own team), from the testing lab. Review, reject when needed. Then, issue the DoC & passport.

Make your team more productive

Collecting and categorizing data from suppliers via email is unstructured and consumes a lot of time. Do you prefer to hire more people, or to invest in a tool that will allow your team to work smarter?

Delegate work to suppliers

Request & receive files into structured folders for every product. Review and accept.

Visibility updates & status

Keep everyone on the same page with our dashboard. Know what’s ready, what needs to be renewed, and what is about to expire, at any given time.

SynControl empowers your product quality & compliance team to work efficiently

Secure Archival of Technical Folders

Auto-Request Files from Suppliers

Auto-Request Lab Test from Labs

Auto-Initiate Supplier Self-Inspection

Auto-Generate Compliance Documents

Intuitive Status Dashboards

Possible ERP and PLM Integrations

And many more features!
Real companies, real results with SynControl

Dutch retailer SoLow has saved >2,000 hours just managing technical folders with SynControl


Product compliance management time saved

We have used SynControl compliance software for years and it is saving us a lot of time.

Dennis Regeer

Quality Manager D&F b.v.
Commodity Trade

Do you also have an internal QA/QC team?

Our best-in-class product QC inspection app may be a good fit. It is highly customizable and quite powerful.

Give structure to QC processes

Structure your quality inspection processes with SynControl, to ensure consistency in quality. All the inspection officer has to do is follow the laid out steps from one to the next while you see in real-time the concluded actions.

Reduce ‘paper work’

The checklists and files are downloaded automatically within the app and are available without sending emails. Reports are issued at the touch of a button and can be sent before and/or after review. And a detailed log is available in case you have a doubt about how an inspector’s work.

Product & Supply Chain Compliance Software for Importers and Retailers

Get product compliance & quality under control now!