Syncontrol Is Available on These Platforms:

Go to a paperless quality system

Go to a paperless quality system

Do you have inspectors and auditors filling out paper all day long? When do their findings get analyzed?
By using SynControl, you will enjoy these benefits:
  • Gain in efficiency, since data are saved directly in a database and are ready for running analyses
  • Fewer typing mistakes, as more and more testing/measuring devices can send data over Bluetooth
  • Better data integrity, and much better ability to audit findings
  • Use tablets or smartphones, with user identification
Have real-time alerts & analytics

Have real-time alerts & analytics

As a manager, you want to get the right data to keep people/functions accountable and to drive improvements. There are several ways we help you do that:
  • Get the right dashboard that you need to make decisions
  • Track indicators that are important to you, for example the time for the material review board to accept/reject an incoming batch
  • Block an operator when an issue is found, escalate it to a team leader, or simply send an alert
  • Set up rules that make sense for your operations, for example send an alert when 3 similar issues are detected within 1 hour
Have real-time alerts & analytics
Set up a preventive maintenance plan

Set up a preventive maintenance plan

Many factories let most of their equipment and tools show obvious signs of malfunction before they do any repairs. SynControl can help you for maintenance too!
  • Have a plan that makes sense for the right machines (e.g. weekly lubrication).
  • Remind maintenance technicians, or operators, of what to do at what time
  • Record all findings automatically, including with photos or videos
  • Access all the maintenance history for a given piece of equipment

Help your Team do more with less

Each inspector/auditor works on his tablet and is guided through logical steps, from opening meeting all the way to getting the factory’s signature in the closing meeting.

Here’s how SynControl makes quality inspection better:

Intuitive: The inspector progresses from one step to the next

Fail-safe: All steps that are not yet done are conveniently listed as reminders

Flexible: It’s possible to jump between different processes and steps at any time

Results in real-time: managers can view actions at the same time as they’re being performed, allowing for faster decision-making

Keep in touch with cloud technology

Keep in touch with cloud technology

SynControl collects data as the inspection or audit progresses, so that a fully illustrated PDF report is ready to be exported right after the closing meeting. Forget about double work, reformatting, etc.
  • Specifications, files, and checkpoints are automatically downloaded
  • Several configurations are available regarding the report format, and customizations are possible
  • Messaging system (between inspector and office) that includes text and files
  • All inspection and audit findings are saved and kept for 11 years
Keep in touch with cloud technology

Push key suppliers to self-inspect

Some of your suppliers might have consistent quality, with an occasional ‘accident’. And yet, you often send inspectors to their factories. Is there a better way?
  • We can help train and equip their QC inspectors
  • The interface and the checklists can be in their language, and produce a report you can read too
  • Save money by reducing your quality control budget
  • Switch to checking randomly selected batches, to keep pressure on your supplier

Built-in Camera functionality


Exports Reports as a PDF

Advanced Dashboard Settings


Online Document Syncing

Hoang Tuan Anh Chief Representative
Kangaroo Sourcing and Quality Inspection Office in China

5 Tips for Developing Customized Software To Support Your Factorys Processes

5 Tips for Developing Customized Software To Support Your Factory’s Processes

Let's say you haven't found any software packages that will support your factory's operations in the way you need. You want to work on a highly/fully customized set of designs and logics. And yet, you have heard of 5- and 6-figure IT projects that led nowhere, and you want to avoid the same mistakes.

In our ' 8 Rules for Successful Software Implementation and Process Changes', we wrote rule 6 as follows: "avoid heavy customization if possible". That's generally the advice I give our customers.

However, if you really want to go down that route, here are our 5 tips for developing customized software.
5 Examples of Quality Control Data Analytics that Save Costs

5 Examples of Quality Control Data Analytics that Save Costs

Online retailers have had to become masters at data analytics. They have an ocean of data and can make experiments & get feedback quickly. They keep iterating on how to get visitors to shop more and come back more often.

At the other extreme, many manufacturing and purchasing organizations still live in the pre-digital world. They “touch” many data that are, unfortunately, not collected in a database for analysis. 

That’s a pity. Using relatively simple statistical tools can provide many actionable ideas for cutting defect rates, supplier risks, and operational costs. Machine learning should come much later.

How To Plan Arrange Product QC During Production_

How To Plan & Arrange Product QC During Production?

Most manufacturers have understood that placing inspectors at the end of the line is not the right way (or, at least, not sufficient) to manage quality. The key is to improve processes and to catch issues as close to their source as possible.

But, in practice, when it comes to checking quality during the manufacturing process, what are the most common options? And how to schedule them based on work orders issued by the factory's planning system?