About SynControl

SynControl Technology Ltd is a software company that focuses on serving the needs of importers’ buying offices and of trading companies.
Three developers work on new features, system administration, and support requests from clients.

Our Team


Our mobile app was built to satisfy the following specifications:

  • Very flexible – accommodates nearly all companies’ requirements
  • Time saving – should not add workload to anybody, especially not inspectors
  • More control – inspectors are be guided through a series of steps
  • High traceability – to record all the steps taken for auditing purposes
  • Full reporting – fully detailed & illustrated pdf reports are generated

The app currently works on Apple iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad, and on Android devices.

Schedule upcoming jobs

Input (or import) product & supplier information

Estimate the workload and assign inspectors

Select (or import) the checkpoints to follow

Send automated emails to supplier, to gain time

See inspectors' findings in real time

Our team provides the following support:
(Details vary based on the pricing plan selected)