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SynControl’s History

SynControl was founded in 2014 and its original function (which is still in place and actively used) was the management of product QC inspections on iPad-like tablets. It responded to the needs of quality departments who needed a faster turnaround, more efficient operations, and more visibility over how inspections are done.

Fast-forward to 2020. Some quality managers also manage product compliance. We notice they use the simple document management system we developed quite intensively for the technical files. It’s all integrated with the product, supplier, and factory database of SynControl, and the inspection reports are automatically saved there, too. 

And it is now obvious that EU-based companies importing non-food B2C & B2B goods from Asia face a rapid acceleration of compliance obligation, both in complexity and scope. Add to that the mandate of pre-market issuance of digital product passports and related evidence of conformity. 

This evolving landscape stretches the limits of compliance teams working within tight budget constraints, often leading to risks of non-compliance and/or ballooning costs. 

We have been hard at work to fill the need for a product compliance software that streamlines documentation processes, manages digital product passports, and ensures timely, cost-effective regulatory adherence. Email and Excel are no longer sufficient.

Do you need to set up a proper process for managing product compliance? And maybe also QC inspections?

A word from the founder

And, at the same time, businesses can’t hire a large group of people just to remain in compliance, and they can’t turn around their supplier base very fast.

Renaud Anjoran

Partner at Sofeast, editor at QualityInspection.org
Linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/renaudanjoran/

Our mission

Our mission is to allow importers to set up a process to ensure compliance obligations are met and product quality is consistent, so they can focus on growth and innovation.

Who our software will help the most

Compliance & quality experience meets innovation

Who we are

SynControl Technology has been working on product quality & compliance topics for close to 10 years, and its leadership for much longer than that.

Our Solution

SynControl is a product & supply chain compliance software built primarily for EU importers and retailers. Highly configurable, time-saving, and easy to use.


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