Product Compliance

Product compliance:
there is a better way to work

Requirements are evolving

Due to new EU requirements (Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation, General Product Safety Regulation…), collecting data by email and saving them in a shared drive will no longer do the trick. You need to equip your company with adequate tools.

Regulators are pushing you to adopt a process. Take that opportunity to set an efficient process.

Once the initial setup is done, SynControl allows you to rely on all the parties that provide the documents needed (suppliers, labs, inspection teams/ providers, etc.) so you review & accept. No time wasted categorizing files, responding to emails, etc.

Suppliers upload & categorize files

Automated requests to test labs

Supplier self-inspections

Dashboard for easy follow up

It’s time to let SynControl get you above board

Manage all the complexity of compliance regulations and maintain supply consistency without hiring more people.

An efficient system for your team

Spend time on value-adding activities, not on back-and-forth emails.

compliance documents

Automatically create and issue risk assessments, DoC, and product passport (coming soon).

Secure archival of technical folders

Receive factory info, product & packaging files, lab test and inspection reports, and others into well-structured folders.

Integrate with your existing system

Get data from your ERP system, Excel files, etc. and export data easily for further use/analysis.

No 1 Product & Supply Chain Compliance Software for Importers and Retailers

Get product compliance & quality under control now!