SynControl Quality Inspection Software

Onboarding Process

Before your team uses SynControl the quality inspection software needs to be configured to your needs, and they need to be trained. New software can’t be integrated into your existing quality inspection processes overnight, so this page walks you through the onboarding steps we generally follow to get our customers from: “This is interesting” to “it helps us a lot”.

Step 1:

Request a demo

Step 2:

Live demo

Step 3:

Factory test

Step 4:

License & payment

Step 5:


Step 6:

Help & improve

Requesting a demo of SynControl takes 2 minutes. After that we’ll get in touch with you and ask for some extra information. It helps us understand your situation and prepare for a demo centered on showing how SynControl fulfills YOUR needs.

We typically provide an online demo at this stage. It is based on an example of product and inspection report that you send to us.

The presentation and Q&A session lasts for 40-60 min, including a partial software demo of the web platform (used by the office staff daily to get the real-time inspection findings) and the mobile app (used by inspectors to do their job more effectively and store results in the cloud), but cannot include every feature.
Should you need to see a very specific feature, please let us know before the demo and we will let you know if the initial demo is the right time for that. 
The result of the demo is the decision of whether SynControl might be a good fit for your company.

To aid in your decision, chances are you need to see the SynControl mobile quality inspection app in use by inspectors, from A to Z as an important part of the quality inspection process. We can do this for free and for no engagement in the Shenzhen area (provided you have inspections there).

We listed a series of frequently-asked questions below about this step.

We sign a contract that stipulates the plan you chose and each party’s obligations.
(Note that this contract can be cancelled at any time without extra cost.)

You wire the amount of the license fee, so that we create your account and you get access to it.
You pay for the onboarding, so that we start immediately with initial training and preparation (as per the onboarding plan you chose).

The next step is to configure your SynControl account and start training key users in the mobile app, and web platform.

The “fast onboarding” fee includes:

  • Creation and initial setup of your account.
  • Additional test(s) in a factory, to understand better how you work and help you configure your account – at the same time, the key field user(s) will get sufficient training along the way.
  • Import of base data.
  • Training of inspector(s) on the the mobile app (exact modalities to be confirmed depending on their location, number, etc.)
  • Training of office staff on the web platform (exact modalities to be confirmed depending on office location).

We will work with your team to gather information (product list, checklists, defects…) and import it into the SynControl database.

Note that, for confidentiality purposes, each client has their own account and sub-database: [your subdomain] More details about data security are included in our service agreement.

SynControl is dedicated to the success of every customer. We are happy to keep helping your team get the most out of our quality inspection software. Free support is included in our plans.

We can also help you improve the way you manage the QA/QC operations in your team and move closer to best practices. If our e-books and some quick phone calls are not enough, we can dedicate some consulting time (extra fees generally apply).