How To Manage Quality Inspectors [eBook]

Tired Of Reccuring Quality Issues?

Do you have a ‘buying office’ in China or Hong Kong? Is this office responsible for procurement and quality?

Procurement can sometimes take precedence over quality, resulting in quality inspectors who are poorly trained or managed.

Net result? Quality issues with your products.

SynControl have published an eBook to help you: “How To Manage Quality Inspectors.” This eBook provides a set of best practices for setting up and maintaining a team of QC inspectors that will work in good conditions, stop poor quality, and remain as “clean” as can be.

How This eBook Helps You

‘How To Manage Quality Inspectors’ will guide a quality manager, or a general manager in a buying office, on the following:

  • How to hire a good quality manager
  • How to hire good quality inspectors, auditors, and engineers (what psychological profile to look for)
  • How to structure the inspectors’ work, both to provide guidance and to avoid shortcuts: checklist, equipment, defect list
  • How to train, coach, and audit inspectors
  • How to evaluate and motivate inspectors
  • 6 tips to make bribery less likely to happen
  • How to plan the inspection schedule efficiently and ensure inspections can happen in good conditions
  • Common issues with corrective action plans

If the ability to better manage quality inspectors and increase the quality of your products which are made in China is something that you feel would be useful, download the eBook for free by filling out the form on this page.

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