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Experience the time-saving power of a cutting-edge mobile application for quality inspection.

The Syncontrol App Helps your QC Team Do More with Less

Poorly managed quality control can lead to quality issues, delivery delays, and higher costs. We stop this from happening.

The SynControl app is a tablet-based mobile application for quality inspectors which makes their job easier, helps quality managers to organize and monitor projects, and offers a tried-and-tested quality inspection framework to help your company implement best-in-industry quality inspection methods.

Here is why we will improve your quality control:

  • Quality inspectors follow a proven framework to make sure that all bases are covered, and no shortcuts can be taken which enhances their accountability
  • App-based, removes the need for paper notes, and can instantly produce a fully illustrated PDF report which is ready to be exported
  • Inspection results can be checked in real-time by quality managers, cutting the time it takes to make decisions or changes
  • The app is cloud based, simple-to-use, and available in Chinese and English

If you feel that removing uncertainty, getting real-time results, and making quality inspectors’ time more productive is something that would be of use to your business then arrange a demo of the SynControl mobile application for quality inspection.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and our team will reply to you within 24 hours.

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