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Understand how our application can help stop issues at the source

The Syncontrol Quality Inspection App Helps your Factory Do More with Less

Inadequate quality control can lead to quality issues, delivery delays, and higher costs. We stop this from happening.

The SynControl app is a tablet- or smartphone-based mobile application. It supports the work of operators and inspectors, as they collect information and detect issues. We will help your factory start small in a pilot area, and then equip users everywhere it makes sense. .

Here is why we will improve your quality control:

  • By giving short tasks (under 10 seconds) to operators, you catch issues at the source and you reduce your reliance on an army of inspectors
  • App-based, removes the need for paper notes; findings are archived and linked to a user (traceability)
  • You get statistics that help you make better decisions – for example, spotting defects that are appearing more often
  • The app is cloud based, simple-to-use, and available in Chinese and English

If you feel that reacting faster to issues, being able to based decisions on real-time data, and reducing your inspection staff, is something that would be of use to your business, then arrange a demo of the SynControl mobile application for quality inspection.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and our team will reply to you within 24 hours.

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