The Expert Guide To Quality Inspection Software

You receive an email from your factory in China. It can’t be good news so close to delivery date.

Yes, quality issues…again.

If this is a familiar story then you are no doubt considering how to improve your quality inspections, including the effectiveness of the inspectors who may let defective products pass by accident on occasion.

Implementing quality inspection software could help mitigate or remove these quality issues altogether, but before you can consider it to be a credible investment let us guide you through what it is in detail.

What is this quality inspection software guide?

Here at SynControl we have put together an expert guide thoroughly explaining what quality inspection software is. In particular, it includes these sections:

  • Why defects sneak through
  • Traditional quality inspection pain points
  • How software helps cut time and costs
  • How software is helpful in your industry (with major industries focused on)
  • How much software will cost you
  • Software implementation road map
  • Software pros and cons
  • Who is set to benefit from it
  • When to make the switch to inspection software

The aim is to give you the knowledge required to be able to recognise if software can improve your quality inspections.



Who needs this guide?

If your business currently employs and manages a few quality inspectors, then there’s a good chance that you would benefit from a software solution.

  • Do you feel that the inspection process is fragmented and unclear?
  • Do data and images ‘get lost?’
  • Have inspectors complained of sitting up late entering data into spreadsheets?

These are telltale ‘red flags’ that an inspection team is not operating at 100%. If your hope is that inspectors follow a ‘tried-and-tested’ procedure, such as that defined by Bureau Veritas and other industry names, then a software solution will help make this a reality, giving them a transparent and defined workflow to follow, and feeding back results to management in real time.

Even if you currently experience few quality issues and feel that your inspectors are doing a great job, would it be good for your business if you could reduce the costs associated with quality inspections and make each inspector more efficient? Again, software can help you achieve these time and cost savings.


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